China Institute & Wild China presents – A Taste of China – watch episode 2: Wine and Mutton in Ningxia

I am delighted to participate in this wonderful series about the regions and cultures of China, in association with New York based China Institute and Wild China Travel.

In the series’ second episode, we traveled live to central China’s lesser-known Ningxia province with Janet Z. Wang (JW), author of The Chinese Wine Renaissance: A Wine Lover’s CompanionEmma Gao (EG), owner and winemaker of Silver Heights Vineyard, and Mei Zhang (MZ), founder of WildChina.

In this episode, we talked about the history and culture of wine in China, why Ningxia has become the poster child of the modern Chinese wine industry, we were joined by Emma Gao – owner and winemaker at Silver Heights Vineyard to enjoy wine and mutton…

Watch again:

For more information about the episode and a wealth of other contents about China, check out the China Institute website:


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