My book launch photo gallery (3) + the ‘best in show’ wines as voted by guests

At my book launch (The Chinese Wine Renaissance, Ebury Press, Penguin Randomhouse) on the 17th January 2019, at 67 Pall Mall, London, we served the following wines from the Panda Fine Wine portfolio, and asked our guests to vote for their favourite wine.

  • Martin Longyan 2014
  • Bolongbao Blanc 2015
  • Tiansai Skyline of Gobi Chardonnay Reserve 2016
  • Tiansai Doggie Cabernet Sauvignon/Marselan 2015
  • Rongzi Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
  • Rongzi Red Label Marselan Blend 2014
  • Rongzi Blue Label 2013
  • Martin Cabernet Gernischt 2015
  • Martin Tempranillo 2015
  • Bolongbao Rouge 2014
  • Jia Bei Lan 2015
  • Cailonglin Silver Label 2014
  • Cailonglin Gold Label 2013
Guests are invited to vote for one favourite wine.


The top 5 wines by popular vote were:

1. Cailonglin Silver Label 2014, Sanhe Vidal Vineyards, Liaoning province
100% Vidal
2. Martin Longyan 2014, Hebei province
 100% Longyan
3.  Helan Qingxue Jia Bei Lan 2015,  Ningxia province
80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Gernischt
4. Cailonglin Gold Label 2013, Sanhe Vidal Vineyards, Liaoning province
100% Vidal
5. Tiansai Skyline of Gobi Chardonnay Reserve, 2016, Xinjiang province
100% Chardonnay.

And in joint sixth place were:

Rongzi Blue Label 2013, Shanxi province 
69% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Marselan, 13% Merlot
Bolongbao Rouge 2014, Beijing
70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc
Martin Cabernet Gernischt 2015
100% Cabernet Gernischt

For wine details, please visit Panda Fine Wine‘s website.

This ‘Dali-esque(?)’ masterpiece is the winner of the Emoji survey! 


In the evening, we held a masterclass session for the members of the 67 Pall Mall club.  It was my pleasure to have Richard Bampfield MW joining me on the panel, to give his impressions of the wines, and Michael Sun from Panda Fine Wines, to share some stories about the wineries and why he chose these wines for the UK market.  I was told that the event was oversubscribed!  What a great sign for Chinese wines making inroads in the UK!

THE CHINESE WINE RENAISSANCE is available in hardback and e-book.

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