The Chinese Wine Renaissance: pre-release peek at my new book!

New book on Chinese wine to be released in January 2019, Ebury Press, Penguin Randomhouse


Since 2012 I have been working on a book project about Chinese wine culture and history.  I am pleased to say that the end goal is now in sight with the book due to be published in January 2019. So watch this space for further updates, including pre-release exclusive offers!

China’s wine culture is embracing a vibrant revival while the country steps up as a global superpower. This is no coincidence – wine culture has long been a barometer of China’s prosperity.

This book takes an innovative approach to China through the exploration of wine’s close link with culture, society and progress.

Its timing captures the dual trends of explosive general interest in China and the renaissance of the Chinese wine market, both as one of the largest consumer & producer of the world.

The book will contain three parts.

Part I, by way of aperitif, will introduce you to China’s wine industry, its major wine-producing regions and the evolution of the grape wine among the various types of alcoholic beverage that make up China’s wide repertoire.

Part II is a mixed case in which we look at enduring wine themes in the context of China and explore the distinctive fusion of cultures in wine and beyond.

Part III is a vertical tasting of the dynastic history of China, illustrating the evolution of wine alongside the evolution of a civilization.

So let me uncork for you a full-bodied understanding of China through its wine culture – the country, the society, the people – past, present and future.

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About the author

Janet has written for Decanter China on subjects related to wine & vineyard investments. Her wine writing was shortlisted for the Circle of Wine Writers Young Wine Writer’s Award.



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